The History of Jane's Jewelers

Jane's Jewelers founder, Kay Imsdahl, was 18 when he first met a watchmaker in 1943. He had just joined the Navy, but little did he know that this meeting would carve out his future career, as well as, the livelihood of his future family. While serving his time on the USS Caelum 166, Kay observed the watchmaker with fascination whenever possible.

He left the Navy in 1946, and inspired by what he's learned in his observations of the watchmaker, Kay went to watchmaker's school in Sacramento under his GI Bill. He continued to learn the trade firsthand at many jewelry stores in the Central Valley, opened a small store in Pixley, CA called Imsdahl Jewelers in 1947 and married his long time love, Jane Olexa in 1949. They were blessed with a daughter, Kathy Jane Imsdahl in 1954 and two years later, Kay moved his family to Delano, CA, where he worked as a watchmaker. Lane's Jewelers employed him for several years and Kay approached the owner about purchasing it in 1962. As a new business owner, he didn't have a lot of money to purchase new signs for the outside of the building. Luckily his wife's name was Jane, and he was able to change the "L" of Lane's Jewelers to a "J". In 1962 Jane's Jewelers was born!
In the early 90's, Kay and Jane retired and their daughter, Kathy continued the Jane's Jewlers legacy with her husband James (Robbie) Robbins. Jane's Jewelers moved to it's current Bakersfield, CA location in 2001, where it continues to thrive and serve the discerning jewelry needs of their clients on a daily basis.