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TREND ALERT: Stacked rings!

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What's your favorite shape?

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Is Wednesday better with Diamonds? Yes!

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Is Wednesday better with Diamonds? Yes! Read more

We've got lots of treats!

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"Let your love show brightly."

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"Let your love show brightly." #GabrielNY Read more

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One Illinois couple has a major milestone to celebrate: 77 years of marriage! But that's not all. In a few months Vera and John Peterson of Freeport, Illinois, will be blowing out birthday candles for John's 100 birthday. Vera turned 100 earlier this year!

"It's an amazing feat, especially in this day in age," Randall Peterson, their eldest son, said of his parents' anniversary. "Mom's 100 and Dad's going to be 100 in March, which is also amazing. They have their own sense of humor, which we enjoy." Vera and John have seven children, 18 grandchildren, 34 great-grandchildren and three great, great-grandchildren. 

As for their secret to a long marriage, John Peterson credits his favorite saying: "Yes dear!"

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One Illinois couple has a major milestone to celebrate: 77 years of marriage!... Read more

Let us help set your love in stone.

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Let us help set your love in stone. Read more

So happy you love it Kylee...

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Kinda tops the pumpkin spice latte this fall!

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Kinda tops the pumpkin spice latte this fall! Read more

She puts a spell on you... now put a ring on her!

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She puts a spell on you... now put a ring on her! Read more

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"All of Nature’s splendour seems to be reflected in the manifold opulence of fine Opals: fire and lightnings, all the colours of the rainbow and the soft shine of far seas."

Opal is October's second birthstone (along with tourmaline). The name derives from the Greek 'Opallos', meaning "to see a change (of color)." Opals range from milky white to black with flashes of yellow, orange, green, red, and blue. Opal is a formation of non-crystalline silica gel. Through time and nature's heating and molding processes, the gel hardened into the form of opals.

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"Drop, dead, diamonds."

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"Drop, dead, diamonds." #GabrielNY Read more

The world's largest faceted blue topaz will soon be put on display in the London Museum. 

Starting Oct. 19, a 9,381-carat blue topaz called “The Ostro Stone” will go on permanent display to the public in the London Natural History Museum’s Minerals gallery. It’s approximately 6 inches in length and 4 inches wide, with its deep blue color resulting from a treatment applied when it was in its rough state.

British gemstone pioneer and explorer Max Ostro discovered the stone in its natural form in 1960 in Minas Gerais, Brazil, and the topaz has been in the family vault ever since. It is being put on display now through a long-term loan from his son, Maurice Ostro, chairman of Ostro Minerals.

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The world's largest faceted blue topaz will soon be put on display in the Lon... Read more

Which One would You Like Yo Wear?  #ostbye #bwbc2016 #bakersfield #bakersfieldbusiness #bakersfieldsalon #bakersfieldca #csub #buenavistaschool #kerncounty #janesjewelersbling#delano

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Good morning, pumpkin

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Happy birthday October babies! Here is some fun information about one of October's birthstones, Tourmaline: 

Since it is available in a wide variety of colors, it is ideally suited to almost anyone's taste. Tourmaline is also well-known for displaying several colors in the same gemstone! These bi-color or tri-color gems are formed in many combinations. One prized multi-color variety is known as watermelon tourmaline (pictured), and features green, pink, and white colors bands.

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California couple celebrates 77th wedding anniversary!

Manny and Alice Dieckilman looked at black-and-white pictures of their wedding day back on Sept. 1, 1939. "We really didn't have a lot of money. My shoes cost $4 and my dress cost $15," Alice remembered as she looked at her wedding photos. Manny, now 98, and Alice, now 96, still go out for coffee every morning, although they admit they're slowing down. Their love for each other, however, has not dimmed.

When it comes to difficult times, the couple offered sound advice: "You have to take it as it comes," Manny said. "There are so many good things that overshadow the tiny small things." Adds Alice, "There's a lot of give and take. You make a choice and you stick to that choice."

Congratulations to Manny and Alice!

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California couple celebrates 77th wedding anniversary! Manny and Alice Dieck... Read more

Happy National Coffee Day!

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We are but one drop in a vast ocean. Yet how vibrant and distinctive every drop is. #GabrielNY

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We are but one drop in a vast ocean. Yet how vibrant and distinctive every dr... Read more

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Add-A-Pearl necklaces are usually started with 1, 3 or more pearls on a chain. You can choose to add a personal touch with an engraved charm or you may choose to enhance the starter necklace with a beautiful diamond or gold filigree clasp.
<br>Every necklace will arrive in our signature Add-A-Pearl necklace box, including an attractive booklet with information about the time-honored tradition of Add-A-Pearl. In addition, we'll send along a padded envelope to safely send the necklace back to us when you are ready to add pearls.
Allison-Kaufman Company, in business since 1920, is one of the oldest and most respected diamond jewelry manufacturers in the United States. Our family owned business has had a commitment to manufacturing the best in fine diamond jewelry for nearly a century. Our quality and workmanship is unsurpassed and our styling is legendary. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff selects only the most brilliant diamonds to be meticulously hand set into exquisite, handcrafted Allison-Kaufman diamond jewelry.
Ashi Diamonds offers a dazzling range of exquisitely crafted fine jewelry featuring their signature engagement rings and bridal sets as well as contemporary diamond and colored stone jewelry designs. Ashi's exciting collection includes a wide array of beautiful rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets that are proven best sellers - and every Ashi jewelry piece exhibits our unparalleled attention to craftsmanship combined with superior design.
Each ASPIRI&trade; cut diamond is truly one-of-a-kind. Like a sculptor who sees beauty in a block of marble, our craftsmen study each raw diamond to determine if it has the potential to make the most beautiful and dramatic stone possible - one worthy of the ASPIRI name. Using a unique cutting technique, they produce a dazzling cushion brilliant cut diamond that catches the light from all angles. A fine quality halo setting creates a stunning effect, and enhances the beauty of this extraordinary diamond.
The Mademoiselle Collection by Bellarri enchants and captivates the senses with its gracious style and majestic alignment of the world's finest multi color gemstones. You make the memories... Bellarri keeps them alive.
Manufacturing beautiful bridal jewelry for over 40 years, Benchmark utilizes the finest skilled craftsmen and state of the art technology to create beautiful wedding rings in gold, palladium, and platinum. Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A., each Benchmark ring is carefully crafted and undergoes a 6 step quality control process to ensure that your wedding ring will last for generations.
Family owned since 1936, We make everything ourselves, under one roof, IN THE USA. Everything has a lifetime guarantee. We make every aspect of every piece of jewelry ourselves and we stand behind everything 100%
<br>Camelot creates rings that are crafted to last a lifetime using a technology called die-striking.  A die-struck ring is made by striking metal (gold) under tons of pressure creating a dense, porosity-free metal that will wear longer, polish brighter, and secure your diamonds better through the years.
Welcome to the World of Chamilia. Discover all the ways to express yourself with one-of-a-kind jewelry. Design combinations of dazzling sterling silver, 14k gold, Swarovski crystal, colored stones and Italian Murano glass that reflect your life and your experiences. Inspired by your personal sense of style, your Chamilia jewelry is as unique as you are.
Cherie Dori jewelry celebrates the natural love that speaks from within. &quot;I start with words,&quot; says Nelly Cohen, jewelry designer for Cherie Dori. &quot;The lyrics prevail the design. When I hear the rhythm I know a winner is born.&quot; Follow your heart with a jewelry design by Cherie Dori.
Citizen Eco-Drive proves that style and sustainability can co-exist with ecologically-friendly timepieces. Utilizing the power of light, Citizen Eco-Drive technology converts light into stored energy to power the watch for at least six months, even in the dark. Fueled by light, it never needs a battery.
Among the Colore | SG collections, you will find the finest examples of colored gemstones from around the world, set in sterling silver and sterling silver & 18k gold designs that enable you to express yourself through any occasion and throughout your life. Originally The Lorenzo Collection, Colore | SG presents our world of color where you can find your personal style. Explore our world of wonder, and share in the delight of rich color, luxurious beauty and accessible design.
The Doves Collection is a stunning blend of modern day heirloom jewelry. Carefully set in 18K gold and platinum, colored gemstones and diamonds are accentuated in Dove's modern, vintage, floral, romantic and contemporary designs. Each piece is designed and crafted to be timeless, stylish, wearable and sellable, an essential component of every woman's Jewelry wardrobe.
Like the pages of ELLE Magazine, ELLE Jewelry evolves from season to season, as colors and fashion trends change for a look that is chic, modern and bold. ELLE Jewelry fuses fashion with high-polished 925 rhodium-plated sterling silver and the highest quality gemstones. Look for the genuine ruby logo on each piece of ELLE Jewelry which represents a woman's inner strength and beauty. ELLE Jewelry designs are contemporary yet timeless, an excellent accessory to current fashion and classic wear.
When you buy a piece from Frank's collection you quickly recognize his many years of experience and his passion for the art. He was among the first to introduce semi-precious stones into sterling silver. Frank helped to develop the French wire earring while living in Woodstock, New York in the late 1970's. His pieces show the varied creative skills he has acquired along the way; artist, film maker, photographer as well as a respected designer of fine jewelry.
Gabriel & Co. Bridal Engagement and Wedding Rings are among the finest in the world. Their exceptional craftsmen individually handcraft each ring with careful attention to detail and styling. Their diamond selection process guarantees superior quality, as each stone is thoroughly examined by an expert gemologist. Their bridal collections offer a variety of styles, as well as the flexibility to alter elements in order to create a unique heirloom.
The H. Weiss Jewelry Collection ranges from extraordinary to casual wear, with an emphasis on designer fashion. From intricate bangle bracelets with hammered finish to luxurious diamond earrings, the H. Weiss Collection will turn heads wherever you go.
Cultured Pearls are one of the most intriguing, stunning and beloved gems in the world. Imperial cultured pearls are fashioned into jewelry using a wide variety of pearl types. With Akoya pearls, Tahitian pearls, South Sea pearls, freshwater pearls, and Keshi pearls, you can clearly see what makes this collection Imperial.
Over the years, we have established a reputation for INTEGRITY, RELIABILITY, and SERVICE. Our customers know they can count on us, and it is for this reason that the name KIDDIE KRAFT is known throughout the U.S.A.  The acceptance and achievements of KIDDIE KRAFT have been due to our ability to manufacture a quality piece of jewelry of superior design and craftsmanship at an affordable price. A Lifetime Guarantee accompanies EVERY item we manufacture.
In 1890, on the Spanish island of Majorca, Majorica invented the unique and delicate production process of organic pearls, which mirrors that of cultured pearls. 
<br>Majorica has been combining high quality craftsmanship and tradition for 120 years, offering timeless collections and avant-garde designs.
 As a woman MeiraT understands that women want their jewelry to be noticeable and wearable and it is for this reason that her mantra is "designed for a woman by a woman." Many A-list celebrities and models are fans of MeiraT jewelry and they can be spotted wearing the pieces on magazines, TV shows and movies.
Would you describe yourself as an independent and sophisticated woman with a great sense for fashion and style? Then Nikki Lissoni has the perfect jewelry for you! A broad collection of high quality toned jewelry that is designed to be changed over and over again. The necklaces, bracelets and earrings can be personalised by switching colors, pendants and coins, and allows women to change and customise it to fit their mood, the moment or occasion.
Some style is legendary. Since their establishment in 1994, Overnight has grown into one of the most fashion forward, service-based, reliable jewelry suppliers in the industry. To this date, Overnight has nearly 50,000 styles in its tremendous jewelry supply. As an &quot;in stock&quot; company, meeting the demand for immediate goods has always been Overnight&#039;s specialty.
The Collection includes hundreds of different beads that allow you to &quot;get personal&quot; and create unique jewelry reflecting your own individual style. The beads are designed and produced in Europe featuring Italian Murano Glass, Onyx, Mother of Pearl, Sterling Silver, Gold and Bronze. The possibilities are endless as to what each bracelet, necklace or earrings can look like. You start with just one bead and add additional beads as desired. Arrange and change the beads to compliment any fashion wardrobe of the day. The Collection offers a stopper system that creates segments allowing each bead to move independently as you move your wrist. Change just one segment or the entire piece; the inspiration is left to your imagination.
Paul Maroof founded the Royal Chain Group in 1978.  Under his meticulous leadership, he developed his family owned business bringing in his son and daughter as they work diligently together to run, develop, and grow the Royal Chain Group.  Mr. Maroof maintains a personal involvement in everything that the Royal Chain Group represents.  This commitment has made him the pre-eminent importer of quality jewelry.
Secure Hoop earrings have a saftey lock. Secure Hoop earrings won't stick to sweaters, won't get lost while playing sports, or while sleeping. Secure Hoop earrings won't wash off, won't get lost while camping, or doing house work. Secure Hoop earrings are great for active children and active adults.
With origins in Paris, France, Alwand Vahan has been designing fine jewelry for over 100 years, now carried on by third-generation Alwand Vahan, also known as &quot;Sacha.&quot; Today, Sacha's collections are found in the finest jewelry stores throughout the country, his creations dazzling today's woman with an eye for style, quality, and comfort. When asked about why he designs jewelry, Sacha says, &quot;I create jewelry like I would a film set; with mood, drama, and my customers wear the jewelry like actresses. When I design jewelry I think of women as film stars. I want them to be observed, envied, and admired.&quot;
Victorinox products are conceived, designed and built to accompany us all through life. Purposeful, reliable, their functional aesthetic appeals to our rational side. But they also conquer our hearts, in the sense that they seem always to deliver more than we expect of them. Whatever your particular selection -- from high-quality Victorinox household and professional cutlery to precision Swiss-made timepieces; from our fashionable, functional apparel and rugged travel gear to our unmistakable fragrances -- each Victorinox product embodies the spirit of the legendary Original Swiss Army Knife. Emerging from Karl Elsener's cutlery workshop in 1891, it remains to this day an icon recognized the world over as a symbol of quality, functionality and continuous success.